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We believe that the kitchen and bath are the most essential rooms in a home. Spaces should be welcoming and reflect your sense of style and personality. (In fact, it has been stated that the bathroom is the most private room in the home, yet can be the most public.)

Kitchen and bath remodels are two common ways to increase the value of a home. Of the two, a bathroom remodel is the easiest, as it usually involves improvements to the existing design, without any change to the overall layout of the room.

Many people are holding on to their properties because of a tough housing market, so it makes sense to do smart upgrades that your family will enjoy in the meantime, while increasing the home’s value for future selling. Bathrooms and kitchens add the most value to the home, so you won’t lose out when doing a bathroom remodel. Just imagine what buyers will think when they see your newly renovated bathroom!

Bathroom Faucets / Sinks

Custom bathroom remodeling with sink and faucet installation and remplacement. Complete Bathroom remodeling.


Bathroom Tiling Services

Custom bathroom remodeling with tile flooring and backsplashes, custom shower tiling services. Complete Bathroom remodeling.


Bathroom Lighting / Mirrors

Bathroom uplifts can be as easy as new lighting and mirrors to complement your existing decor. Give Gutshalls Kitchens a call today.

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